Geekcamp Singapore: A wonderful experience as a Speaker

The start of 2019, against my modest expectations, turned out to be productive and exciting. In the very first week of the new year, on January 4, I received the opportunity to visit Singapore for a conference Geekcamp.

This is how 2019 started ❤ ❤ ❤

My hotel, The Beary Best, was a kilometer walk from Microsoft office, a dazzling building situated at the heart of Singapore. The moment I stepped into the office I could spot a bunch of geeks. And soon, the day begin.

Microsoft Asia: Halt! Halt! Halt!

I set off the conference by giving a workshop on Cross Browser extension using Web Extension APIs. The workshop was attended by amazing participants. They were interactive and came from different backgrounds — from rookies to working people; from young to old.


During lunch, I interacted with various people. In particular, I remember one such interaction I had with a father of a school student. The father, a mechanical engineer by profession, learned about latest technologies and got an insight of Computer science. He did this all to converse with his son about them. It felt good to know that the father wanted to be both a friend as well as a mentor to his son. This beautiful interaction reminded me of my mother, herself a homemaker, who would ask me in which language I code, what I do in Mozilla, what I do at my work.

This in itself is inspiring when non-CS people take this level of interest in technology and its applications.

Post lunch, it was time to give my second workshop on the same topic. The participants this time were primarily students and non-JS folks. It was heart-warming to see non-JavaScript people excited about building their own add-on. In them I could see ‘myself’, as I too didn’t know about JS but had the curiosity of trying my hands with add-ons. After delivering two workshops, I gave a lightning talk at Geekcamp, and concluded what was an intense but memorable day.


Looking back, I have never felt this excited about add-ons — because all this happened in a single, smoothly drifting day: two workshops followed by a talk. Not to mention the countless interactions I had with all the incredible people.

Thank you Geekcamp for considering me as a speaker, and for being a warm host \o/

Wrap up: Organisers, Speakers, and the most important- attendees ❤

Here are the slides:

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