Golang Bangalore Meet-up #44 at CoffeeBeans.

Golang Bangalore hosts a meet-up once every month. Following the tradition, the 44th edition of the monthly meet-up was conducted on May 25, 2019. This edition, and say it with a sense of pride, was hosted by CoffeeBeans.

The meet-up started at around 10 am. Like every Golang Bangalore meet-up, it started with a quick introduction by the attendees. There were close to 30 attendees with a varying range of tech expertise. While some of them were novice in Go, few attended the 44th edition to get started with Go.

Besides the working professionals, it was great to see a few students coming at the meet-ups in their first year of graduation. Attending such platforms, I am sure, they can leverage it to build their profile. Seeing them attend the meet-up with a sense of urgent curiosity, I find them inspirational to all of us working professionals.

It was a pleasure to share the experience with the 3 female techies who attended the meetup. Our continuous efforts remain to have more female representation in the tech space, which suffers not because of lack of talent, rather due to lack of awareness, and encouragement.

The meet-up involved three talks:

  • Survey of High Performance and Concurrent Caching libraries in Go: by Aman Mangal
  • Go Type System:8 by Ankur Anand
  • Optimizing Go for High Performance by Sathish VJ

The first talk emphasized why various cache algorithms don’t work well in Go and what Dgraph labs are going to do about it.

The second talk was on Go Type System. Ankur, the speaker, briefed about type-system, type-checking, and some fundamental specs that govern the type system In Go at the compiler level.

A snacks-and-coffee break followed the two talks. Everyone interacted and learnt more about their tech stack and discussed how Go is solving problems at their workplace.

Lastly, the third talk, Optimizing Go talk by Sathish, focused on the tools that help instrument code. The talk also ventured into techniques that help optimize Go programs by looking at a list of ideas that one can potentially use to gain performance.

To top it all, the meet-up concluded with some pizza servings.

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Jyotsna Gupta