Gophercon India 2019: My First Go Talk

Talk title: RESTful API using Go

For almost eight months, I have been working on Go at my current workplace CoffeeBeans. With enough experience and rising interest in it, I grew interested in its scope and wanted to share my knowledge about it. Hence, on one particular good day, I decided to apply for a Go talk.

On the afternoon of November 8, I received a mail reading that my talk had been selected for Gophercon India 2019, and I couldn’t come to believe it at all. At the break of this news, I was hopping up and down with excitement as it’s been almost 8 months working on Go, and now I’d got a chance to talk about it in front of a varied audience, who would be a blend of both rookies and experts.

As it was my first Go talk, I was naturally quite nervous about it. But the prospect of giving the talk made me excited and I couldn’t wait for the day to arrive.

Gophercon India 2019 happened on 17–18 January, 2019 — a perfect start of 2019 for me to say the least. I’d booked an early morning flight to Goa. But due to abnormal weather conditions, my flight was delayed and I landed in Goa two hours late. And so, as soon as I hit the bed in the hotel, I slept off. I shared the hotel room with another speaker, Maya, and it was great to know another fellow woman interested in technology and, more specifically, Go.

As the day turned to a fine evening, we gathered around for dinner. Over the dinner, we got to meet a lot of speakers and the participants who were already working on Go. I believe I was one of the youngest speakers there — also, I looked like a college kid in front of them. Having said that, I was all set to speak on Go the next day.

The day for which I waited for so long finally arrived. The title of my talk was: Building RESTful APIs using Go. I gave the talk. Though nervous that I was, the talk went well. It was my pleasure to represent CoffeeBeans — my current workplace, as it was with them that I got the opportunity to work on Go.

Few of the best things to list about Gophercon conference:

  • Single track talks (because sometime we can’t afford to miss talks at all)
  • Residential conference, a great place for networking and getting to learn about things related to Go.
  • Last but not least, its location — Goa!

During the conference I was privileged to attend some amazing talks: from the talks of William Bill Kennedy, co-author of the book Go in Action, the author of the blog GoingGo.Net, to that of Matt Aimonetti, CTO and Co-Founder of Splice. I also enjoyed the interaction with other speakers too.

Talking about the venue, well a lot was served on the platter. Since the venue was Park Regis, it was near Anjuna Beach. Post talk, in the evening, few of us went to witness the beautiful Goan sunset and sauntered around the beach. As the beach lover that I am, a visit to Anjuna Beach became the highlight of the evening for me. Needless to say, the vibes of the beaches of Goa are completely different, and I had a fun time being there.

Last rays at the shore

Goan sunset : Anjuna Beach

By the time we came back to the conference, there was a poolside party (my first ever!) by the organizers where I got the chance to interact more with Bill Kennedy and Matt. I also got to interact with Satish Talim, the organizer of Gophercon. He is one of the most humble person I have ever interacted with. Being a non-party person, I really enjoyed the networking and got to know each and everyone at the conference. In the list of interaction was also Van Riper, a Go Community Advocate, Developer Relations at Google.

Pool side party: Park Regis

With Satish Talim, the organizer of Gophercon and Rubyconf

The event turned out to be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking for me. Though relatively amateur in the field of Go, I was to speak on the subject in front of the experts. It was an overwhelming thought but the Go Community helped me cope with it with relative ease.

As the curtains fell over the very exciting and well organized 2019 edition of GopherconIndia, I’ve already started the countdown for 2020 one.

Though nothing can be expected to achieve perfection, we can however always strive to get there.Notwithstanding the brilliant work put into organizing the event, I found a few lapses. Here are a few patches that I’d like to see in the next edition of Gophercon:

  • More Gophers
  • More Women Gophers
  • More Women Speakers
  • And, of course, myself.

Thank-you GopherconIndia for having me 😍

You might be interested in reading my interview with Satish Talim, the organizer of GopherconIndia here:

Post Conference

(I also attended the Bangalore Go meetup which happened a week after the GopherconIndia conference, where Bill Kennedy* *and Van Riper were the speakers. Such inspiring people they are.)

Golang Bangalore meetup at Google office (Credits: Golang Bangalore)

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