Oh Yes, dreams do come true!

I am involved with the Mozilla community for the last three years. In 2016 I came to know about Mozfest through one of my friends and applied for it. But sadly my proposal wasn’t selected. 2017 wasn’t different either, and I felt disappointed. I earnestly wanted to attend the Mozfest, but it proved out of grasp each passing year.

But I pressed on.

This year I gave it another shot by proposing a session on Building Privacy themed add-ons.

As I waited for the announcement of result on September 10, a mail popped up on August 24 from Caitlin, Add-ons Community Manager with the subject:

Firefox Add-ons Community Meetup at the 2018 Mozilla Festival

On reading those lines, I became euphoric. I was hopping up and down with joy. I re-read the lines endless times, I couldn’t believe what I read. The dream that I harboured for the last three years finally became a reality. I would be travelling to the UK, my first international trip. The thought of it made me both anxious and excited.

October 25:

On October 25, after close to sixteen hours of journey, I touched-down London.

After checking-in in the hotel, my fellow Mozillians and I jumped straight into the Mozilla Office. Incidentally, the Firefox Add-ons meetup was happening at the time we arrived. There I came across all my wonderful and passionate Add-ons community members.

Mozilla London office

Later in the day, I got the chance to explore the beautiful city of London. The London Bridge, the iconic Tower Bridge, the beautiful Thames, the dizzying Shard, and more. London had so much to offer and I felt fortunate to experience some of its magic.

Tower Bridge

As the evening fell, the whole add-on community sat around a table for the dinner, where we got the chance to interact with each other.

October 26:

The day for which I came to London arrived. It was the meetup day. The meetup took place at RSA where ViewSource conference was also happening. It was a special learning experience. I got to know much about the Add-ons and the add-ons community.

After wrapping up the meetup, I went to Ravensbourne University where the Mozfest party was taking place. In the party, I met a lot of Mozillians, interacted with them, and got clicked with the foxy.

Foxy ❤

October 27 & 28:

As it was my first Mozfest, I was tremendously excited to be a part of it. It brought back memories of college days, where one could attend any session and have a one-to-one discussion with the facilitators.

During my stay, I collected a lot of goodies. I attended the session of Tim Berner Lee (the inventor of the World Wide Web) who talked about his project Solid. I enjoyed as well the Cross Browser Extension session by Trishul, attended by all the add-ons community members. Later on, I got the chance to interact with Mitchell Baker (Chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation). I met fellow Mozilla Representatives too, and we got clicked under one frame. In the evening, we had dinner with the add-ons community.

Sharing the frame with Mitchell Baker

Mozilla Reps

After spending time in the beautiful, organized and clean city of London, I felt:

When you really desire something from the heart ❤ and soul, the whole universe will conspire it to happen it to you.

I can’t sum up Mozfest in a single blog post. It was an incredible learning experience for me and I cherished every single moment in the wonderful city of London.

Thank you, Caitlin , for inviting me for the Add-ons meetup. You are one of the best community managers out there, someone who is always there to guide us in the best possible way. I enjoyed the MozFest thoroughly.

Thanks a ton.

Thank you also to fellow Mozilla Indians who helped me with my leg injury, and for making the event memorable.

I wish I can return back next year ❤

Jyotsna Gupta

Software Developer   Open Source Enthusiast   Gopher   Mozilla Tech Speaker  
Mozilla Representative   Add-ons Content Reviewer