How to make an interesting presentation

While preparing for a presentation what comes to our mind? Windows PowerPoint or Mac's Keynote or even better, Google Slide?

As a developer sometimes you get bored creating content for those slides. The most annoying part I feel is when you click on a link to show its content in a new open tab. After opening a few more tabs, it might take some time to go back to the original presentation too.

Can creating a presentation be fun? Have you played with markdown that is used in Github README? Can it be used for creating presentations?


Yeah! You can! There is a library called gatsby-starter-deck that can be used for creating presentations using Gatsby, React & Markdown.

Go to gatsby-starter-deck gatsby-starter-deck

" Gatsby is a React-based open-source framework for creating websites and apps"

There are other libraries in Gatsby that can be used for creating cool presentations.

Notable: gatsby-theme-slideshow

How to start?


Install gatsby-cli in terminal:

npm install -g gatsby-cli

Create a new local site:

gatsby new my-slides

Start development server:

gatsby develop

Open given link in the browser


you will see something like this:

How to slide either forward or back:

To go to the next slide, either using URL with slide number

ex: For the second slide- http://localhost:8000/2

or Use the right and left arrow to move between two slides.

To go to the next slide, either using URL with slide number


It's Writing TIME!

use src/slides to add new slide using .md file



It has a gatsby-config.js file, it is a configuration file to add a new plugin with the site.

Site metadata also can be changed :

siteMetadata: {
    name: `Preeti Sharma`,
    title: `Interesting presentation`,
    date: `September 28, 2020`,

More details:

Go to gatsby-starter-deck

Upcoming: Unified Modeling Language integration with gatsby-started-deck

Preeti Sharma