Our Leadership Team

We are a young team of technocrats and professionals striving to build projects that are innovative, user-friendly, and have the power to transform entire industries. Not only do we have a wide range of skills in data science, product management, machine learning and artificial intelligence, amongst others, but we also keep abreast of modern technology trends and are excited to see what comes next. While we look for people with a wide range of expertise, we value those who choose not to shy away from solving problems creatively or thinking outside the box.

Our Key Pillars


Santhosh Sagar Reddy

Sagar has spent the last 18+ years on cutting-edge technology building great products. Before his stint as an entrepreneur, he worked for 11 Years at ThoughtWorks. Did business development and analysis in over 25 projects, while working on some of the largest agile distributed projects in the world. He has also done project and product management along with client principal roles.


Mitesh Bulsara

Mitesh has 16 years of experience in the corporate sector as well as in startups. With corporates, he has worked with multiple clients in multiple domains - from Banking for major US banks to Image Processing for Olympus to smart meters for Scottish Power to encouraging LessPaper in Cockpit initiative for Airbus. He also founded multiple startups - Motorpsychos (Renting Motorcycles)and HitchKey (Carpool solution).


Naveen Kunapareddy

Naveen is an expert in artificial intelligence (AI) based content personalization, audience interest/behavior, and monetization platforms. He has extensive leadership experience across diverse roles and technology areas, with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100. He has also helped business unit leaders in prioritizing projects and preparing cost-benefit analyses.


Madhu Lakshmanan

Madhu is a hands-on sales leader with 20+ years of experience in Europe, Africa, the US, and SEA markets. Scaled and managed growth across FMCG, BFSI, IT solutions, VLSI Design and Management Consulting. Currently, he is building up the consulting business by identifying new business prospects.


Our Department Heads

Department Head

Bopana Mediah

Head of Finance

Department Head

Dhivya Raj

Head of Account Management and Infra

Department Head

Joshua Henry

Head of Talent Acquisition

Department Head

Sheetal Jain

Head of Operations

Department Head

Indraneel Rao

Head of Engineering

Department Head

Priyanka Raymund

Head of HR

Department Head

Premjeet Shetty

Head of Marketing

Department Head

Swapnesh Chakrabarty

VP of Sales

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