Built a mobile app and website adeptly navigating challenges with advanced technology

Client wanted to build a unified platform for Supply Chain Management and democratize the supply chain by allowing multiple participants to collaborate while continuing to provide visibility across the shipping journey. This platform would be a single platform to onboard multiple Service Providers manage E2E delivery operations and also act as an Integrated platform for automated selection of Service Providers including first mile, last mile, air cargo & trucking.

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Supply chain industry is highly fragmented. With huge number of players and various roles at each level makes it difficult for the companies to provide visibility at each and every level.The major challenge was to create a platform which allows players to be onboarded easily and manage the supply chain.

To provide visibility and to manage and record delivery at all the levels for all the stakeholders

Onboarding of new players and allowing them to manage E2E supply chain

Huge overhead cost for maintaining a network of service providers


There were certain aspects taken care while designing the solution for the project. An integrated platform was created for automated selection of Service providers & Airlines hence improving efficiency. And bringing all the different Service Providers (SPs) under one umbrella & maintaining the handholding.

Implementation & Results

This project was started by first recognizing and mapping all the users that will be involved in the supply chain. After this, processes were created to onboard these users to theapp and give them functionalities to make the process seamless. Tracking pages were created for every user persona possible to maintain visibility at all levels. A demoable product was built within the pre-decided period of four months. It was done so that we can validate the product before it is taken to the market.

Quarterly Goals